Welcome to the success story of Innov8tif, the leading AI company specializing in ID assurance solutions. Innov8tif plays a pivotal role in helping digital businesses prevent fraud by verifying and authenticating customer identities. As the largest identity assurance provider in the industry, Innov8tif offers AI-based systems, API access, and a low-code platform for their key solutions, including identity proofing (eKYC), customer due diligence, and identity authentication.

Meeting Regulatory Requirements

Innov8tif encountered significant challenges during their journey to provide ID assurance solutions.

Central Bank Requirements

Innov8tif needed to conduct regular Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity Planning (BCP) simulations to comply with the EKYC guidelines set by the central bank.

Partnering with an Established Consulting Company

Innov8tif sought the expertise of an established independent consulting company to manage the end-to-end DR simulation effectively.

Risk of Data Loss and Downtime

There was a potential risk of customer data loss and system downtime, which could impact the onboarding experience of their clients.

Ensuring Resilience and Continuity

To address these challenges and achieve their goals, Innov8tif implemented the following strategies.

Designing and Verifying DR and BCP

Innov8tif collaborated with a trusted consulting company to design, verify, and conduct the DR and BCP simulation. This comprehensive planning ensured that their systems were resilient and could recover swiftly in the event of a disruption.

Meeting Regulatory Guidelines

Innov8tif aligned their recovery time objective and recovery point objective with the Bank Negara EKYC guidelines, ensuring compliance and adherence to regulatory requirements.

Seamless DR Simulation and Zero Downtime

The outcomes of Innov8tif’s project have been exceptional.

Successful DR Simulation

Innov8tif executed the DR simulation with meticulous planning, resulting in a first-time success. They met the recovery time objective and recovery point objective specified by the Bank Negara EKYC guidelines.

Zero Downtime

Through their perfect plan and execution, Innov8tif ensured zero downtime on their customer-facing systems. This uninterrupted service delivery enhanced the onboarding experience for their clients.

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