Melaka State Government (Visit Melaka 2024)

Melaka State Government (Visit Melaka 2024)

Welcome to the success story of the Melaka State Government’s ambitious project, “Visit Melaka 2024.” The primary objective of this year-long endeavor is to showcase and promote the historical and tourist destinations of Melaka to both the nation and the world. The aim is to elevate Melaka’s status as a premier tourist destination.

Pioneering Tourism Promotion

The Melaka State Government encountered significant challenges in its mission to promote all the advertisement space available in the state.

Selling Advertisement Space

They faced difficulties in selling available advertisement space for the project.

Lack of Rate Card

There was no existing rate card, pricing structure, or clear direction to start.

Limited Time

Time constraints added pressure to sell the available advertisement space swiftly.

Crafting a Marketing Triumph

To address these challenges and achieve their goals, the Melaka State Government implemented the following strategies.

Developing a Rate Card

A comprehensive rate card was created to provide a structured pricing system for the available advertisement space.

Marketing Plan Execution

A strategic marketing plan was formulated and executed to sell the advertisement space effectively.

Attracting Big Brands

The Melaka State Government successfully attracted prominent brands in Melaka to advertise on the Melaka River Cruise boats.

Elevating Melaka's Tourism Profile

The outcomes of the Melaka State Government’s “Visit Melaka 2024” project have been outstanding

Functional Rate Card

A fully functional rate card was developed, providing clarity and transparency in pricing for advertisers.

Successful Marketing Campaign

The strategic marketing campaign resulted in the sale of advertisement space to various renowned brands in Melaka.

Enhanced Advertising

Melaka River Cruise boats now feature advertisements from major brands, contributing to increased visibility and tourism promotion.

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