Welcome to the success story of Jomsettle, Malaysia’s pioneering business payment solution provider. Jomsettle has transformed the way credit card holders settle expenses by allowing them to make payments using their credit cards, all without the need for traditional credit card terminals or complex payment gateways.

Charting a New Course in Payment Solutions

Jomsettle encountered significant challenges during their mission to revolutionize business payments:

Lack of Direction

The client initially lacked a clear roadmap for creating the payment system.

Absence of Ready Payment Gateways

Jomsettle faced the challenge of not having readily available payment gateways to integrate into their system.

Pioneering a Payment Revolution

To address these challenges and fulfill their vision, Jomsettle implemented the following strategies

Comprehensive System Creation

Jomsettle took charge of the entire process, from conducting a thorough business requirement study to designing the system architecture and developing the system from scratch.

Redefining Business Payments

The outcomes of Jomsettle’s project have been exceptional.

Successful System Launch

Jomsettle successfully launched a fully operational payment system, offering a variety of payment options to users.

Millions of Transactions

To date, Jomsettle has facilitated millions of transactions, underlining the reliability and efficiency of their system.

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