Welcome to the success story of Fusionex, an award-winning data technology provider specializing in Analytics, Big Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. With a presence on the London Stock Exchange and a reputation as one of the largest and most successful ASEAN-originating software companies, Fusionex is at the forefront of data-driven innovation.

Transforming into a Global Player

Fusionex encountered significant challenges during their journey to become a global player in the data technology industry.

Quality Assurance for International Customers

As a small boutique software development house, Fusionex needed to assure the quality of their software development deliverables to meet the expectations of international customers. This required the adoption of recognized quality standards and practices.

Information Security in Big Data

With their focus on becoming a major player in Big Data, information security became a critical concern for Fusionex. They invested in high-performance computing infrastructure and needed a robust management system to protect sensitive data and ensure the security of their operations.

A Path to Excellence

To address these challenges and achieve their goals, Fusionex implemented the following strategies.

CMMI-Level 3 and ISO 9001 Integration

Fusionex partnered with a trusted consulting firm to assist in the appraisal process and successfully achieved CMMI-Level 3 and ISO 9001 certifications. This integrated management system enabled them to streamline their processes, improve quality, and enhance customer satisfaction. It also played a crucial role in gaining global recognition and attracting international customers.

ISO 27001 Information Security Certification

Fusionex demonstrated their commitment to information security by obtaining ISO 27001 certification. This certification validated their ability to protect their high-value Big Data infrastructure from compromise, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their data assets.

Empowering Global Success

The outcomes of Fusionex’s project have been exceptional.

Appraisal and Certification Success

Fusionex successfully achieved CMMI-Level 3 and ISO 9001 certifications within the timeline under the MDeC Capability Development Programme. This achievement boosted their credibility and positioned them as a reliable and quality-focused technology partner, leading to the acquisition of global customers and gaining traction in the global market.

ISO 27001 Certification

Fusionex's successful certification to ISO 27001 demonstrated their commitment to safeguarding customer data and protecting their high-value Big Data infrastructure. This achievement provided confidence to their customers and stakeholders, reinforcing their reputation as a trusted and secure data technology provider.

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