Prasarana Malaysia Berhad

Prasarana Malaysia Berhad

Welcome to the success story of Prasarana Malaysia Berhad, a government-owned entity dedicated to transforming the country’s public transportation systems and services. Prasarana is the owner-operator of the nation’s rail services, including LRT networks, KL Monorail, and MRT lines, as well as stage bus services in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, and Pahang. With a strong commitment to improving public transportation infrastructure, Prasarana plays a vital role in enhancing mobility and connectivity for the people of Malaysia.

Overcoming Infrastructure Challenges

Prasarana encountered significant challenges during their journey to enhance public transportation systems.

Threats to Critical Infrastructure

Prasarana faced the constant challenge of protecting their infrastructure from potential attacks and disruptions.

Systems and Business Continuity

Ensuring the continuous operation of transportation systems and services was crucial for Prasarana's success.

Protecting Public Image

Downtime and service disruptions could have a negative impact on Prasarana's reputation and public perception.

A Path to Excellence

To address these challenges and achieve their goals, Prasarana implemented the following strategies.

Highly Tailored ISO 27001 Certification

Prasarana developed and implemented a highly tailored railway management and monitoring system that adhered to ISO 27001 standards. This comprehensive system ensured the security of critical information and protected against potential threats.

Top Management Support

Prasarana's top management actively supported the project, providing the necessary resources and guidance to ensure its successful implementation.

Empowering Transformation

The outcomes of Prasarana’s project have been exceptional.

Successful Implementation

Prasarana completed the end-to-end project, achieving ISO 27001 certification for their railway management and monitoring system. This certification demonstrated their commitment to information security and provided assurance to stakeholders.

On-time and On-budget

The project was completed within the planned timeline and budget, showcasing Prasarana's efficient project management and execution capabilities.

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