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We offers expert consulting services, from ISO certifications to advanced technologies like AI and robotics. Our tailored solutions and change management approach drive innovation and efficiency, helping businesses thrive in a dynamic landscape.

ISO27001: Information Security

IT Service Management

IR 4.0 Robotic Platform

AI Automation Deployment

Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)

Fintech Startup


Energized-Inc provides comprehensive assessments to optimize your operations. Our audits, analyses, and risk assessments identify areas for improvement, ensuring compliance and enhancing performance.


Unlock your full potential with Energized-Inc’s personalized coaching. Our experienced coaches provide tailored guidance and strategies for professional development, leadership, and skills refinement.

Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)

Fintech Startup

Our 7E Methodologies

Phase 1: Explore

Initiate your project with a collaborative project kick-off, top management buy-in, group discussions, interviews, and gap analysis. Define the scope of certification for focused outcomes.

Activities During Phase 1

Phase 2: Educate

Identify existing processes, conduct process mapping exercises, facilitate workshops, and provide tailored trainings to equip your teams. Develop metrics for measuring success.

Activities During Phase 2

Phase 3: Establish

Draft and refine processes, incorporate client feedback, gain approvals, and baseline processes for effective implementation.

Activities During Phase 3

Phase 4: Execute

Implement optimized processes through organization-wide roll-out and deployment. Conduct process implementation trainings for seamless adoption.

Activities During Phase 4

Phase 5: Ensure

Nurture process maturity through ongoing support, process monitoring, implementation reviews, calibration, internal audits, management reviews, and mock assessments.

Activities During Phase 5

Phase 6: Examine

Conduct adequacy checks on documentation in Stage 1 and perform final assessments in Stage 2 for certification audits and validation of your implemented processes.

Activities During Phase 6

Phase 7: Enhance

Offer post-certification recommendations, implement preventive actions, fine-tune processes, drive improvements, determine lessons learned, and provide ongoing support for your certified status.

Activities During Phase 7

Our Idealogy


Insist Sense of Urgency


Determine Coalition


Engrave Clear Vision


Orienting Vision


Leading People Clearing Obstacles


Obtain Short-Term Wins


Gain Trust & Keep Moving


Yield Change

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